Draw Near For My Cover

I’m throwing my mantle over you

I’m throwing over you my covering

You must draw near for the covering

To cover you

I’m throwing it over those who draw near

My covering for protection

My covering of peace

My covering of anointing

Is flowing out over those who are near

So come in closer to receive that protection

Come in closer to receive the blessings

It is there for you

As you keep your eyes on me

As you draw near to me

For as you draw near to me and resist the enemy he will flee

As you draw near

It’s as you draw near!

Come in closer to receive all that I have for you

For that protection that I give

The covering that I provide

Is for those who draw near

For those who have put their trust in me

For those who are walking away from their old life

And drawing near to me

So come in closer my child

Come in closer

And my covering will be there for you

Many want the covering

Many want the blessings

Many want the protection

But they are living with one foot in the world

They are at the edge of the kingdom

I cannot cover what they do

It is not according to my command

It is not according to my standard in the word of God

Come close forsake the world

And the ways of the world

And the old life

And come close

Sit at my feet

And my covering will be there for you

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